5 Narrow Boating Myths That Will Challenge You!

In this era, myths are spread all over the place so in mooring, narrowboat myths have already spread too. So, I just wanna let you know about all the myths before someone else get into your head.

Myth #1 – These places are always cold!
Have you ever wondered why people love to live in a cold place? Todays narrowboats are very luxurious and you won’t feel that you are living on a boat. Various heating options are available out there.

Myth #2 – It’s Not Hygienic!
Seriously? It depends on you whether you wanna be hygienic or not! Today narrow boats have all the facilities that will keep you hygienic. Facilities like a good bathroom and good kitchen are always available so there is no point in being dirty.

Myth #3 – Only Rich People Can Do This!
Some people say that mooring fees will be very expensive. It’s not necessary that only rich people can afford this. It’s a fact that you have to pay a little price for initial purchases but some companies also provide personal loans to buy your own narrow boats.

Myth #4 – It’s not safe?
It’s as safe as any other transport but it’s not safe due to no to little knowledge they have. If you educate yourself and your crew first then there’s no point of getting into an accident. In any situation, you will get in trouble if you do not have any knowledge.

Myth #5 – You can’t rename your boat!
Some superstitious people often believe that if you rename your boat then your boat will eventually sink into the water but I believe that this isn’t true because many people have already proved that. If you don’t believe then you can also search on Google in order to check out yourself.

Living on a boat will bring you a new experience that majority of people haven’t experienced yet. So, I would recommend you to try once in order to get out of the majority.