Experience the Exciting Berth & Race at Liverpool This Winter 2015

Liverpool Marina invites all the boats to the LYC Autumn and Winter Race Calendar. Liverpool, located at the North West of England offers flourishing social and cultural opportunities for the marina yacht’s owners and crew members. To offer a thriving experience this winter, Liverpool marina has something very exciting for all the yacht owners.

A LYC Race Series is being organized that includes 3 races. Find the details below-

  1. Early Autumn Series which begins on 27th September
  2. Late Autumn Series which begins on 1st November
  3. Brass Monkey Series which begins in January, 2016

These series includes-

  • Engineering Services
  • Wide-Ranging Marine Services
  • Chandlery
  • Bar & Restaurant Facility

Some other services offered while you have the best experience this winter is-

  1. Lift out and in
  2. Two lift and scrub
  3. Berthing facility for 6 months in the most protected and sheltered area
  4. 2 weeks ashore in the boat yard

All these services and facilities ensure to provide the most fabulous experience this winter. To add up to this experience, we have something more to offer. The discounted price! Yes, we offer a huge discount and give you this stunning experience at mere 1964 Pounds allowing you to save up to 999 Pounds. To know more on this, click here!


Secure Your Yacht with Appropriate Moorings

As a yacht owner, it is important to protect your assets completely. Moreover, in initial financial investment, yachting tools cost is very high. Because of this reality, many convenience craft are being left ignored for week or even months every time and they become desirable targets for the thieves. However, there are specific actions which one take so as to void them. First of all, your yacht should definitely be moored at one place- port, estuary or river, for example when any trailer needs to be protected or immobilized.

All the windows, hatches and doors should have strong locks connected with the same, so as to stop any undesirable trespasser from having gain access to. Moreover, it is not possible to remove the outboard engines and hence, they must be protected in the yacht with specifically made bracing locks. If possible, all the loosened devices should also be taken off the yacht and then protected at any secure place, when not being used. When this is not possible, fitting tools alarm system which gives perimeter protection is a good idea. Similarly, it’s a good idea to mark all devices with individual info.

If your yacht moorings are done at a port, stream or estuary, then only your yacht is shielded properly. It is also important to see that yacht is properly covered or not. Depending on the size of the yacht you should plan your things. For more information on moorings in UK and other related stuff, keep reading our posts!